Something(s) to celebrate!

4 Nov


One of our friends and guest is now recovered and will be joining us for the previously planned Celebratory Picnic for four in the Nevada ! This will take place at some point this week at a local National Trust location. We will post a full account shortly.
For example, can four people enjoy a luxury lunch picnic in a tiny campervan without going through a Submariner’s training ? Will we still be friends at the coffee and mints stage?
We have today completed the urgent outstanding business commitments and can get back to enjoying our NV campervan ! I had a full set of builder’s tools and 12 bags of gravel in the Nevada today. (I know, I know……)
I used loads of protective heavy duty cotton dust sheets but this practice has to stop! As Martin and Libby put it, a true multi purpose single vehicle. Nothing changes, I once got told off by a passerby for carrying step ladders in the back of a Porsche 944 !
Yesterday, this Blog was viewed each 3 1/2 minutes. Our latest all time record number of views.
Stefaan became our most prolific contributor yesterday by a narrow margin. Thanks for viewing !


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