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Making the campervan usable 24/7

11 Oct

porta potti

I did a quick survey on another website ( a Campsite forum) and asked the question: ” Do you use your Porta Potti at night or make the trek to campsite toilets ?”
The majority response was to use a Porta Potti at night. Many disliked a trek in the dark and rain and cold. There were safety and security issues raised.
So how could we modify our campervan so that we can use the lovely, brand new “335” for a quick pee when the bed is made up and the winter gales are howling?
I have had a quick measure up. Our NV200 lacks the 400 mm or so of extra floorspace twixt front cab seat and bed/seat that VW LWB Transporters enjoy. Space for a small Porta Potti there for Vee Dubbers !
If we cut about 100 mm from the bed /seat back this would give sufficient space to place the “335” sideways on between the passenger cab seat and the front of the bed. This would also improve the rear view out of the lovely black glass in the rear French doors of the van. It would still provide for a safe backrest height. Definitely a solution.
We could consider a removable and strong hinged extension to replace the removed section to cater for taller future owners?
I am not rushing into this and will check with Drivelodge to see what internal metalwork is hidden within the backrest, but feel sure that it’ feasible. Certainly desirable for us. It will turn a Premium “Day Van Plus” into a viable 24 hour, 24/7 campervan.
Driven it to work today as I had to loan out my car. This Nevada is a right piece of kit. Highly recommended. Phone Drivelodge now…………. and book your NV200/Evalia/Combi in !


Some more Pics with Alloys fitted

8 Oct


Thanks for further comments below from Gary and David !

Managed to snatch enough time out this afternoon to re-fit the alloys for some more pictures.
We had an all time record day of views on this Blog yesterday from all over the world !


The actual black graphic matches well with the mock up I CGI’d on an earlier post. With the plastic bumpers etc “blacked up” with Astonish’s best, I think that we have achieved the simple white/black look?????

The “boot” behind the seat/bed is spacious enough for fold up seats, folding Bar B Q and much more. Will probably use plastic boxes for clothes which can sit on the rear facing foam cushion and then store above the cab roof when the roof is up and bed made.

The leisure battery is secured under the bed. The Propex gas blown air heater is hidden to the offside in it’s own secure “box”. Heat outlets direct to the front of the bed/seat. I don’t think that we will ever feel the cold in this camper ! The battery charges from the 240v EHU and from the alternator on it’s own separate, protected circuit. the main fuse is mounted on top of the engine battery, easy to access.

There is a small table which stows behind the driver’s cab seat on the front of the “sink unit”. It sits on a sturdy, standard chromed taper leg on a Flash Gordon tripod foot. We may try a larger table which could perhaps stow in the boot, but will see how we go on.

The view on the rear view mirror is marred by the height of the backrest on the seat/bed. It would be very easy to fit a rear view camera for use whilst driving. But we are investigating a cunning plan which could improve the rear view out of the rear glass door windows AND importantly, allow the use of the Porta Potti which is stowed under the front of the bed. More on this later.

All comments welcomed !

The rear wheel arches (along with most internal surfaces) are insulated with lovely , high quality “felt”. No wonder that road noise is way down on the standard van levels.

Grand Launch of our Drivelodge Nevada ! We have it.

7 Oct

fireworks celebration

We picked up our campervan from Drivelodge today!
First Impressions: A comprehensively equipped, top quality and well thought out conversion from experienced and creative people !
Was it worth the wait ? You Betcha !!!!
I can honestly say that there is not a single feature which I do not like and you cannot say much more than that in praise can you?

Even on the original steel wheels and O.E> tyres ( still to re-fit the alloys) , the extra weight of the conversion has made for a smoother ride. No rattles, squeaks or wind noise. A very comfortable driving experience. Pulls like a train from 60 mph on the motorway in 6th gear for overtaking trucks.

Here are a few photos to start with below.


Just a taster for now. More info to follow shortly. Hope you enjoy it !

The “Rovers” return to collect their campervan

5 Oct

Coronation Street Set - Manchester

We have at last found a tiny gap in our business life. We have booked the trains and a Hotel to try to enhance the trip to collect our Drivelodge “Nevada” from Yorkshire. We have been far too busy of late.

Keep watching for photos, descriptions, likes (there should not be too many dislikes LOL !) and hopefully some video footage of the “Dinkum Kamper.”

Thanks to the comments from Martin below on the previous post about awnings. Atmospheric description of a Malt whisky and a favourite of mine, Haggis ! That’s another to do on our growing list ! There’s a place in Fife I want to see once more. A good place for a smooth, warming Malt whisky from the Big Country.

Why “Rovers” ? return. Since dropping the base vehicle off , at the beginning of June (!) we have travelled all over the Northern half of France with our midget caravan. Next trip will be with the Campervan. Will probably take the caravan too (test out the towbar, why not?) perhaps Cornwall? Angelesey ? Portsmouth? or The North Lakes and Scotland? We shall see. Vote below under comments for your favourite destination in the UK or Ireland

Final decision made

1 Oct

decisions decisions

The waiting time for the favoured Omnistor 5003 ( 1.9 metre) is about 4 weeks apparently.
So do we collect the Drivelodge Nevada at the first opportunity or wait or purchase a Fiamma F35 Pro ( Much cheaper but not windout) and wait for that to be fitted.

Decision made. Autumn and Winter are almost upon us and we have lost one summer season already whilst the van was converted. Collect the campervan as soon as we get a gap in our business schedule. the awning can wait until next spring for next season’s warm weather use.

Currently checking when that first opportunity to go up to Keighley is viable, organising in advance a money transfer from our bank, then Book The Rail Tickets. Next plan, have a look at the NEC Show around October 15th for an awning alternative?