A short day out. First use as dayvan

19 Oct


Had a day out to Dunham Massey, National Trust property near to Altrincham. We just had a sandwich and a drink in the camper before walking around this lovely stately home.
I swivelled the driver’s seat by sliding the seat forward to just skim the central dashboard , releasing the handbrake for clearance (Make sure it’s in gear and on flat surface first, of course) then lift the excellent swivel release button on the outside of the seat base ( cannot miss it, it’s orange) and it rotates anticlockwise through almost 180 degrees.
I prefer this seat to the reversed passenger seat. You have access to your left to the worktop and glass cover on the washbasin. A moveable spot light to read, write or check your nails by. With my wife settled on the rear seat we are a significant distance apart. I would say as far apart as we used to be in our former Ducato Trigano Tribute which was just under 6 metres long. Very comfy indeed ! The fridge chilled our milk after less than an hour’s drive. The boot swallowed 3 bags from sight.
We took the motorway home and got an indicated 57 miles per gallon at a steady sixty miles and hour. Not yet run in this bodes really well for future economical travel. We also filled up the LPG at a Shell garage at 64 p per litre for the heating and cooking. My previous supplier should be about 4 to 5 p per litre cheaper than this.
This gas heating has GOT to be much cheaper than using the engine Diesel as we did previously. When not coupled to EHU on a long winter’s evening and night, you can actually get through a lot of diesel at £1.40p per litre. Sounds a bit tight ? Damned right, I am (LOL) . Look after the pennies etc etc ……………..


2 Responses to “A short day out. First use as dayvan”

  1. martin mcdowall October 19, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    Hello. Glad its all coming together for you. It all takes time to get it to work the way you want it. We picked our van up today and are really really pleased with it. I had david running around making minor modifications for us at the last minute. His can do attitude is a mark of the man. Special!! we are back in scotland tonight as we are heading to loch lomond tomorrow. tonight its glass of chardonnay on the drive and cheers to the warings.

    • Dinkum October 20, 2013 at 6:24 am #

      Hi martin, Best wishes for your camper “Beryl” ! It did look lovely and spacious when we viewed it at Drivelodge. Agree with your comments about David and the warings .We shall be out and about again today in Shropshire in our Nevada.

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