The “Rovers” return to collect their campervan

5 Oct

Coronation Street Set - Manchester

We have at last found a tiny gap in our business life. We have booked the trains and a Hotel to try to enhance the trip to collect our Drivelodge “Nevada” from Yorkshire. We have been far too busy of late.

Keep watching for photos, descriptions, likes (there should not be too many dislikes LOL !) and hopefully some video footage of the “Dinkum Kamper.”

Thanks to the comments from Martin below on the previous post about awnings. Atmospheric description of a Malt whisky and a favourite of mine, Haggis ! That’s another to do on our growing list ! There’s a place in Fife I want to see once more. A good place for a smooth, warming Malt whisky from the Big Country.

Why “Rovers” ? return. Since dropping the base vehicle off , at the beginning of June (!) we have travelled all over the Northern half of France with our midget caravan. Next trip will be with the Campervan. Will probably take the caravan too (test out the towbar, why not?) perhaps Cornwall? Angelesey ? Portsmouth? or The North Lakes and Scotland? We shall see. Vote below under comments for your favourite destination in the UK or Ireland


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