Passenger swivel. Something to watch for.

28 Sep

marchington one (350x248)
KDR seat rails for for and aft adjustment

In the 1970’s . I used to Rally the Mini Clubman you see above. The car doubled as my road car and my weekend road and stage event competition car. The version seen here was the third re-shelled version. To make it almost bearable for road use, I had to make the passenger seat adjustable for fore and aft. I fitted slide rails to the Corbeau Rally seat so that my wife could sit alongside me, but my co-driver (please get in touch (“SOGGY”)) preferred to sit well back from the roll cage. He was Brilliant by the way and for the record. Thanks Steve ! Anyway, when I bolted the rails up solid, the whole thing just locked up and would not slide. I performed more key hole surgery as this car was a devil to work on. the rails had to be parallel, level with each other and running true together as a pair, to a close tolerance. The much battered floor was anything but perfect and so spacers were made from tubular steel and the whole set up with shims, spacers and washers (HT Bolts essential of course). It took a few trial runs to get it all to run smoothly without sticking.
Apparently with the NV200 I bought, which had no slides, the seat base is less than perfect and Drivelodge had to perform similar shimming operations to get it to function as well as the driver’s set up. Be prepared if fitting DIY swivels. The good bit is, no the superb bit is that we now have twin swivel seats in our camper ! YES!


2 Responses to “Passenger swivel. Something to watch for.”

  1. martin mcdowall September 28, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    I saw your van awaiting the special fasteners to secure the swivel seat . I also intend to fit a passenger swivel but have spoken to several uk and french suppliers who cant help. I plan to use a standard swivel and modify it as little as possible for safety reasons. Who said it would be easy!!!!

    • Dinkum September 28, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

      Hi martin, good to see you returning ! Try They are local to me and before I decided to let Drivelodge do the whole job, they said that they could help find a suitable swivel for modifying. They would need some accurate dimensions from you. Hope they can help. They may even have a version ready to bolt into your home from home? Fingers crossed !

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