Upholstery being done

17 Sep


The picture shows our crazy cat claiming ownership of “his” cushion. He loves upholstery. Our seat/bed cushions are with Drivelodge’s upholsterers. Drivelodge have kindly sent a template for the cab curtain(s) which my wife will put together (quickly , I hope………) for us to take with us on collection, to Drivelodge to have press studs and final fitment. My wife will then finish off matching curtains throughout in her choice of fabric. It’s a bit like a cat laying claim to his cushion (LOL) or a Lion marking his territory. (Hope the wife does not read this………. I could be in deep trouble if she does!)
I have recommended Drivelodge to Gary from Portugal. You can read his comments under “About” on the opening page of the Blog. Currently we are getting record hits on the Blog day on day.
I hope to shortly reveal the almost finalised Dinkum Kamper (AKA more correctly the Drivelodge Nevada) to reward the loyal Blog followers. There is more to see even after we take delivery.
Thanks for watching.


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