Road Test Reviews of the base vehicle

8 Sep


Road test reviews for the Nissan NV200 appear to be polarised into dreadful or fantastic.


Thus far, albeit over only a short mileage with the 2013 SE (110 ps version) I have been pleased with the handling, steering and ride. I do not understand the comments by some users of bouncy, rough ride? at all.
I also test drove a 2010 Lightcliffe campervan conversion (85 ps base version) and it too was lovely to drive with good feedback from the tyres. Perhaps others drive theirs at much higher speeds ?
Cannot wait to give ours a full testing out , with an overnight camp. Probably going to take the caravan first time too. just in case ! The Microlite LE toilet and shower room may come in handy initially until we “acclimatise”.

Come on, previous posters, please give your van reviews here, under comments. We all want to know how good the NV200 really is!


One Response to “Road Test Reviews of the base vehicle”

  1. Stefaan September 9, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    The base is a city utility vehicle,the steering is very licht,for some to licht but once you get use to it it is super,and the suspension is like a sportscar 😉

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