LPG vs Diesel Heating

8 Sep

gaslow 6kg refillable cylinderpropex heater

For all year round comfort and with winter fast approaching. Which is best? Diesel or LPG powered heating

With diesel currently costing about £1.40 ppl locally and LPG around 74 ppl., gas is definitely cheaper if purchased refillable as automotive LPG. Previously with a diesel Webasto heater in a Trigano Tribute motorhome we could easily use 1/2 litre diesel per hour. In winter this can translate for the the time spell of 4pm say to 10.30pm , 6.5 litres of diesel per evening at a cost of about £4.55p or so. LPG would cost around £2.60p per evening. Neither are cheap in the long run and electric hook up (EHU) is probably much cheaper ! but not always available on little Welsh CL’s. There is not the worry of using up the last fuel in the vehicle fuel tank. LPG is widely available , so a top up next day is usually possible.
One things for certain. I do like to be cosy warm in my camper in the winter !What’s your choice of heating if any ?


2 Responses to “LPG vs Diesel Heating”

  1. Stefaan September 9, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

    Diesel heating dreans to much current from the battery,lpg is cleaner and for a little camper powerfull enouch.

  2. David September 11, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

    Looking at this I think I would vouch for the LPG, I assume this will work off the same bottle which is used for stove?

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