As evening approaches, your campervan beckons you back to the campsite.

22 Aug

drivelodge work in progress twosussex campercar interior

Perhaps you have driven a huge distance? Or are you returning to your “pitch” on a favourite campsite? Evening beckons you to relax in the privacy of your home from home

The completed interior is from the Sussex Campercar. Our campervan interior is shown when it was under construction. I think that the Campercar looks very welcoming indeed ! It certainly makes me want to settle down inside with my feet up and a cool refreshing drink. I am absolutely confident that “our” interior will be equally as attractive.
We like to sample local produce wherever we “camp”. In Brittany we found some delicious beers (not just Cidre ! I say Cider !)
In Cheddar gorge we usually buy sweet scrumpy and local cheeses. In and around the Potteries, close to where we live you can buy Oatcakes. These are like pancakes , best eaten hot from the oven, with crispy bacon , cheese or egg. There is huge debate whether Brown Sauce or tomato ketchup is the winning accompaniment. ( Go with Brown sauce…….. trust me !)
Buy some when next passing through the area.

What’s your favourite beverage and supper type snack when camping ?


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