First Photos of Work in Progress. 100th Post is for Drivelodge !

6 Aug

drivelodge work in progress threedrivelodge work in progressdrivelodge work in progress two

Today’s posting is the 100th Posting on this blog. To add real substance to the posting, James, from Drivelodge, Keighley, has very kindly sent some photos of work in progress on our NV200.

We love the veneer of the cupboards and the soft look of the grey wall lining. We love the all round headroom from the Drivelodge raising roof and the proper Fridge. Note the visible water level checkpoint in the side cupboard. A practical and useful feature. On the offside bodywork you can see the LPG filler point for the GasLow cylinder and the electric hook up point for the 240v. Looks like work has started on the swivel seat for the passenger side. The windows have been opened up ready for the glass. Our first reaction, even at this stage is WOW ! Looking good. We viewed a Drivelodge Renault with similar (larger) features in a more completed state and it was STUNNING !
A big thanks to the craftstmen at Drivelodge. Cannot wait to see the finished product.


2 Responses to “First Photos of Work in Progress. 100th Post is for Drivelodge !”

  1. Stefaan August 6, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Nice,how large will the bed be.

    • Dinkum August 6, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

      It is planned to be about 1200mm wide and approx. 1775mm long (minimum). Not sure of what the actual works out to be. More later

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