Nissan Dealer Service

2 Aug


We have now owned the base vehicle for 4 months. It has only completed a very small mileage indeed. We were contacted by Nissan to discuss feedback on our purchase but when I phoned back , they were really trying to sell a service offer package. It sounded like a good idea. Pay a set amount each month, then as and when required book in for a Nissan authorised dealer service. When they found out that the base vehicle was being fitted out with camper van equipment they suddenly declared that the package could not cover a motorhome or camper van and so the offer was void. Did I want the package for my car which was also purchased new from the same dealer network? Answer: no thanks! I cannot see much difference between the cupboards and equipment of a camper van and the tool boxes and timber cladding fitted to most craftsmens’ work vans. Seems like a bizarre terms and conditions let down to me. The mechanics of the base vehicle remain the same.


One Response to “Nissan Dealer Service”

  1. Stefaan August 3, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    I go with my car to a lokal shop,i d’ont like those big dealers.

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