Airride Kits for NV200 available

27 Jul

airide load support kitairide limo kit for nv200

Load kit shown in first picture above. The Limo kit is shown below it.

There are now two air suspension kits available for NV200. A Limo comfort kit with total air suspension and an air support kit for camper van conversions or highly loaded vans.
Both are from Airide. The Limo kit is priced on applicataion and the support kit is £495
Both systems use car tyre type inflation valves and an on vehicle pump can be used. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted (even in motion with one type of pump according to the Airide website)
My assumption is that a campervan can be levelled on-site whilst camping. At least fore and aft. Got to be worth a close look?

One Response to “Airride Kits for NV200 available”

  1. Laurent July 1, 2019 at 1:46 pm #

    Do you have this system on your van? I am not interested in raising or lowering my van but I would be interested in a smoother suspension. Do you think the air suspension is better than the leaf springs? The NV200 rear wheels are not independent unlike those of the VW transporter which has no transversal bar, I think. Do you know of any kit that would have an independent suspension for each wheel?

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