Attempting to use a caravan as a Motorhome ? Another holiday

4 Jul

holidaysDCFC0039.JPGcollecting the van

We are off to France to watch the Tour de France in Brittany, the Loire and then down towards Lyon. So updates on progress with the conversion will be sparse depending upon Wi-Fi connections in rural France.
Hoping that James will send some photos from Drivelodge if busy schedule allows. Thanks james !
In the past we have simply parked up the motorhome at the side of the stage and watched from there. It is very convenient to have all facilities with you. Your own toilet, washbasin, cold drinks on hand and somewhere to stack all the goodies thrown from the promotional Tour “Caravane” ! ( Everything from Haribo sweets , little bags of ground coffee, Sunhats and mini Chorizo )
This year, the campervan is not ready and so the trusty Freedom Microlite is hanging off the back of the Fiesta. We are going to get to the stages even earlier than usual and look for roadside parking for the outfit. The car and caravan is about 9 metres long overall but somehow feels more difficult to park up than a large motorhome? I think the key is allowing time to run along the stage route before the crazy bike cops close the roads. ( we once saw a French bike cop riding with BOTH hands on the panniers of his moto , doing about 60mph in his short sleeved shirt down a long straight D road. Could not get the camera in time to record it though.)
The camper van should almost be complete , apart from refitting the alloy wheels, when we return

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