Final Draft of Work to be carried out

28 Jun

nissan nv200 dimensions

Description of the conversion requested.

Why “requested” ?
In all conversions, especially where space is at a premium, it may not always be possible to physically fit various bits of equipment in the exact position desired. There is obviously some leeway given to the converter for the job to run smoothly and without too many delays waiting for queries to be discussed.

1.Fitment of a Drivelodge, front hinged raising roof with wind deflector.

2.Cupboards and worktop fitted to offside. (Classic side conversion). Width adjusted to allow for a 2 berth ¾ double bed width.

3.Smev combi washbasin and gas hob with glass lids and cold water tap and pump.

4.Water bottle(s) and leisure battery under the worktops serviced via sliding door.

5.12v Battery charging with 240v electric hook up system. 12v and 240v power points.

6.Refillable Gaslow LPG bottle in ventilated gas cupboard to rear offside.

7.Propex 12v/240v blown air heater under the bed/seat

8. Pull down rear seat with 2 off lap/diagonal seatbelts, converting to ¾ bed for two. Upholstered to match the existing cab seats. Grey and charcoal.

9. Both cab seats fitted with swivel mechanisms. Sliding rails added to passenger cab seat. To be left in original factory upholstery

10.12v LED lighting to raising roof and all habitation area. 12v Spotlights for reading.

11. Black glass to be fitted to both sliding doors and both sides of van rear. Offside rear will not have the metal removed as wardrobe will obscure. Glass purely for appearance and symmetry.

12. Wood veneer in Light Alder to cupboards/worktop with matching vinyl to floor.

13. Full insulation to habitation area.

14. Porta Potti located under bed/seat.

15.Curtains and rail to all glass. “Blackout” curtain material. Grey.

16.Windout awning fitted to nearside. Preferred colour white with grey/silver/charcoal graphics.

17. WAECO CR50 compressor fridge under the combi hob.
Finally, Possibly the front and rear bumpers can be colour coded.


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