Trying out the NV200 cargo capacity before it’s converted

23 Jun

ikea drawersnv200 cargo space

Hoping to take some IKEA furniture to a relative’s house tomorrow. There are 2 x single wardrobes, 1 x bedside cabinet and a 1 x 5 drawer cupboard. Pretty sure that it will all go in. This will probably (hopefully !) be the last time the “caterpillar” is used as a van before it “pupates” into the “butterfly” of a camper van.(sorry!)
Determined not to do any damage especially after putting a few clumsy scratches on one of the alloys when I removed them to prevent damage during conversion (pupation !) ………….
It will give an opportunity to try out the new Sat Nav in the NV too. Got a sunshade on order for the Sat Nav to help with viewing in the Fiesta. Hope it functions as well in the En Vee!
What is the biggest cargo you have had in your En Vee? Anything unusual? How does your Nissan connect integrated Sat Nav perform? (pretty good, I would think?)


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