Tried out the new Sat Nav today

21 Jun

sat nav 7 inch screen

My trusty old Medion Sat Nav finally gave up the ghost recently. I just do not want to travel to France without a replacement so I bought a new one from ebay. I just wanted a dedicated Sat Nav without too many other features and so it is a budget PNavi model from China.
I wanted a bigger screen than on the old Medion (which was simply excellent , by the way) so I chose a 7 inch diagonal screen.
It has a choice of two mounts, one for glass using a conventional sucker and one for fitment to some air vent blades.I tried out both mounts in both of our current vehicles. In each case the best solution for such a big screened device was to fit the sucker to the side window (which prevents the tanned arm syndrome if you love to drive with your windows open as some of our contributors do !) and position the Sat Nav across the screen pillar. There is zero obstruction in view in both the Ford Fiesta and the NV200. I positioned the screen at eye level for minimum head turning whilst driving. The mirror views also remain totally clear. Following an initial 12 mile test drive, so far I am pleased with the performance of this super value for money Sat Nav. Need a few more miles and situations before I can confirm these first impressions but for £51 all in, what more can you say?
NOTE: The picture is not the actual PNavi that I have bought. It is for representation only


One Response to “Tried out the new Sat Nav today”

  1. Stefaan June 21, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    I bought a garmin with 5″ screen,7 ” was to big for my taste,mounted with a adhesive disc on top off the radio on the dash 😉

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