Sunday trading. nv200 Bulkhead with window

26 May


Here is a preview (before they go onto ebay for sale) of the original bulkhead recently removed from the 2013 nv200 SE 110 dci at about 50 miles. It is in two parts, upper panel with window and lower skirt which sits behind and beneath the rear of the cab seats.All the fittings are available apart from the two “breakoff” bolts which were drilled out to remove. There are also two “filler” panels which sit high up on the sides of the rear cab and meet up with the roof. Although never used for any commercial use and having only delivery mileage, there are a couple of very small scuff marks but they are not noticeable and I will try to polish them out. The complete bulkhead will go onto ebay for best offer. If you are keen to buy it you can email me on the admin address at Give your approximate location and I will let you know delivery cost (if any).


One Response to “Sunday trading. nv200 Bulkhead with window”

  1. Stefaan May 26, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    Now that i have my nv i meseurd the lengt off the trunk and it is thanks to the bulkhead only 1.80m(70.8 inch).

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