I done a baad thing………………

25 May


I had to move the En Vee to a neighbour’s driveway today as masonry painters were next door. After about an hour I got a telephone call from them saying that they had noticed that I had fitted the directional tyres the WRONG WAY round. Now they are 20 years older than me and I am no spring chicken. For a qualified Engineer I should be really ashamed of myself. I confess that I really do need the imminent short holiday!
This from the AA see http://www.theaa.com

Directional tyres

Directional tyres usually have a chevron or arrow pattern in the tread and are designed to work in only one direction of rotation.

Directional tyres disperse water that builds up in front of the tyre more effectively, reduce road noise, and improve directional stability.

They must rotate in the right direction and this will be clearly marked on the sidewall of the tyre.

If a directional tyre is fitted the wrong way round, the tyre won’t be dangerous, but you won’t gain any of the benefits of it’s design.

Incorrect fitting of both asymmetric and directional tyres is a reason for MOT failure.

Some high performance cars are fitted with directional and asymmetric tyres. These must be fitted the right way round on the wheel and on the correct side of the vehicle.
Swapping back to the steel rims and standard tyres very shortly and I will get it right when the Alloys are refitted. Stress is such a costly thing………………
Cannot believe that I did this !Still, the handling can only get better !

(25 April 2012)

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