Timescale. Adjustment to the plan.

14 May


Had an email from the converters yesterday advising on the approximate start of the conversion. We should now be dropping off the van in the first week of June. The first reaction is disappointment. The build is now eating into the Summer and the Tour de France is fast approaching (29th June to 21st July).It’s possible that the Campervan will be complete for the start of “Le Tour” but any delays will obviously prevent this. We would want to try out a couple of nights close to home before heading off for France which adds a further short delay. We are setting a target to visit this year’s event in Dinkum Kamper so watch this space
In the meantime, we shall keep on posting with nv200 related pictures, comment and information but will now also be taking a much needed series of breaks in the Freedom Microlite caravan. From past experience this is great fun in itself and will take away some of the disappointment of waiting.
We have no details of why we have this delay. Converting vehicles is frought with potential time consuming events. Waiting for equipment to be delivered or faulty/damaged equipment arriving for fitment. Even waiting for paint to dry can add days to a job. So, although still feeling very forgiving (you have to be realistic in expectations !) ,today I do feel as if I am watching that Paint drying !
The picture shows a favourite little Pub Site, The Anchor Inn at Knightley. Right by the canal. Great walks and cycling along the tow path and not too far from a marina and other Foody pubs. Very quiet when we have visited.


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