How long will the nv200 Dinkum camper last?

8 May

mazda E2000

In the early 1990’s I supplied Lubricants to a small fleet of Mazda E2000’s which were used to deliver carpets in the North of England. They were all around 1987 models. On average they had completed 225,000 miles from new. None had given any engine problems and the cylinder heads had never been removed for any work.
The Dinkum Camper is going to cost a few bob and the intention is to use it for as long as possible, if it all functions as intended. It will be used day to day, as the sole vehicle (at this point in time). At 15,000 miles per year it will take 15 years to complete the 225,000 miles that the Mazda vans achieved. At a more average rate of 12,000 miles per year and over a 10 year life, the overall mileage drops to 120,000 miles. I believe that correctly maintained the nv200 should easily manage a 10 to 12 year lifespan. It will probably need habitation updates and the refillable gas cylinder must be changed at 15 years according to the manufacturers.
Please report in on your annual mileages and reliability record.


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