Upholstery choice and trial fitment of Alloy wheels.

1 May


We have found a grey and cream striped fabric which is an excellent match for the existing factory fitted cab seats which are graphite and grey.The stripe is about 4 inches (100mm) wide with about 3 inches (75mm) between stripes. We may use a matching plain grey to “frame” the seat squabs. The fabric we have found is available in fire retardant, washable and upholstery “weight” with top notch resistance to wear. We are putting this forward to the converters for use on the rock and roll bed seat. My wife says that she can liven up the grey with carefully chosen curtain and cushion/pillowcase materials.She usually does an excellent job around the house (and caravan) and I trust her choice on these things. The wood veneer for the cupboard units is light and modern and should contrast nicely.
I am pleased that I tried to test fit the alloy wheels. We hit a glitch with the wrong wheelnuts. Nissan tend to use 2 different thread sizes and wheel nut lengths differ too. When a single alloy wheel can fit lots of different Nissans then this is a mistake which can happen. I got the nuts replaced within 1/2 a day but was too busy to try a second test fitment. I want to make certain that nothing catches on full lock etc. There’s always tomorrow.


One Response to “Upholstery choice and trial fitment of Alloy wheels.”

  1. philippedevolder May 4, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Nice ! About converting to camper… Ever heard about http://www.furgovw.org/ which is a Spanish forum with plenty conversions and some covering our car. Definitely, the Nissan does the job… Fyi my fuel consumption is 5.6l per 100 km. Very close to the figures announced by Nissan.

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