Detailing whilst the underside is clean

26 Apr


Firstly welcome to our most recent interested parties, Stefwen,Philippe and Stefaan.
( Have you seen the Freedom Microlite ( aka Predom n126) further down the Blog?)

Planning on brushing a little Waxoyl on a few bright and shiny suspension nuts, bits and pieces underneath the van whilst it’s all still clean and salt free. Not doing a major spray at this point until the converters have completed. Also going to do something which I have done on the little caravan that we tow which works well. I plan to take off the spare wheel from under the van, wax the steel rim and treat both sidewalls of the new Goodyear with tyre protector. This keeps the worst of the road dirt off , in case of a wheel change and helps when cleaning periodically.Will make sure all exposed threads on the mechanism are waxoyled too (if they need to be !).
I shall be treating the spare wheel purely as an emergency, get you to a garage , temporary replacement and limit the speed as you would a spacesaver tyre,which some manufacturers provide. The difference in diameter between the original steel rims and tyres and the new Alloys/low profiles, which will go on eventually is only 5mm and so, I believe that this type of emergency usage is acceptable.
We have chosen the upholstery fabric for the “rock n roll” bed and will put up a picture when I find my camera………….


One Response to “Detailing whilst the underside is clean”

  1. Stefaan April 27, 2013 at 6:23 am #

    Some pics wood be nice 😉

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