Saturday is news day

20 Apr


Eventually managed to contact the dealership today to see where my registration number is and check on progress. It seems that the note clearly written on the original order somehow did not get through ! My ordered N-Tec 110 turns out to be an “SE” specification. In practice this means that the Nissan Connectivity pack is missing, that is, the onboard Sat Nav system and the cruise control is not fitted.
The base vehicle took 9 weeks to be delivered to the dealership and it’s arrived wrong. After some thought, I was quite quickly happy to be without the factory fitted Sat Nav. I currently have a brilliant palm held device which took us seamlessly through Rush Hour Paris in our old Trigano Tribute. Initially, I felt that I really did want the cruise control. I find these devices restful on long trips, especially when towing at a constant 60mph. You can make excellent time between stopovers and I believe that I can save fuel on long motorway trips (such as North to South of France ) BUT
I really do not want to wait another 9 weeks for a correct van to show up and , in balance, would prefer to stick with this “SE” version and forgo the cruise control and Sat Nav.
Visiting the dealership tomorrow myself to check that all the other requested bits , bobs, bells and whistles are actually fitted to the base vehicle before I stump up the dosh. If all is correct, could possibly still pick up the van before mid -week??? Should get a further discount. Would love to read your comments!


4 Responses to “Saturday is news day”

  1. daz vickers April 20, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    Travel 4/5 times a year to the south of the Central Massif in France in one journey in my nv200 NO PROBLEM . No cruise control.. Try the same trip in a new transit connect and your legs feel broken believe me … Daz

  2. Carrie April 20, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    That’s tough. I’d hold out for the specs you wanted. May as well get what you ordered.
    I picked up my (low spec) NV200 today. Drove the three hours home…drives like a dream. Still I’d have preferred Hi Spec and will fit a sat nav and reversing camera myself as soon as possible. Hope the dealer can come up with a solution for you.

  3. Steve April 21, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    Well I just picked up 3 points for going 36mph instead of 30mph from one of those pesky cameras (at 6am on a sunday and on a completely clear rural road) … following that i think the speed limiter on the cruise control is a must have! But yeah it was all my own stupid fault …. bah humbug!!…. frickin crappy cameras. Bah! Considered cutting the thing down.

    I’d hang out for the higher spec and still demand some money knocked off for the delay it’s caused, especially since you have already booked a slot for it to be converted, presumably that has cost you money.

    • Pete Jones April 21, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

      My view is that it’s not what you asked for- maybe ask the dealer if they can retro-fit the N-Tec system or give a BIG discount, especially as they won’t want a registered vehicle going back into stock. The reversing camera is three times the width on the N-Tec and the cruise control, bluetooth and satnav are all easy to use, I’m loving mine.

      If you end up cancelling the order, try Kevin Cleary at Pentagon Nissan, Barnsley, he did me a great deal on my van- £12K all-in, Black 110PS 6 Speed N-Tec. Proper, no-nonsense dealer.

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