Almost final detail decision time……………..

17 Apr

nissan nv200 camper

Following comment from “Daz” regarding spraying the front plastic bumper in white, I had discussions with a well respected local sprayer and also had feedback via a friend from a restorer who works on top marque sportscars. In both cases they reflected Daz’s concerns about durability of spraying plastic bumpers. They say that the primer suppliers will not guarentee long term adherance. The problem seems to be one of slight bumps on the bumper causing the paint finish to peel off locally to the bump. What would have been a “bounce” back knock or slight scuff actually results in loss of paint finish.
Comments welcomed on this topic please. If you have experience either spraying or using painted plastic bumpers we need feedback. At present, I am not now having this done to the “Dinkum” camper.

Picture above shows a lovely, Painted bumper, example of an nv200 from furgovw


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