Why did you buy a camper van? Why would you want one?

8 Apr

marchington one (350x248)DCFC0012.JPG

Again whilst awaiting progress with the actual build, something for discussion and comment.
We bought our first motorhome in order to watch the UK rallying scene. Great to stay in the Forests and catch the dawn stages!
Later , we had children in need of open air, active holidays. We went all over the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. It is a relatively cheap way to travel Europe with lots of freedom to choose breakfast times, locations to stay and activities.
In retirement, we can keep active cycling, watching the wildlife and eating Rick Stein seafood! Then there is the Tour de France and of course , one of our favourites, the Tour of Britain cycle race. We have met some lovely people on our travels.


One Response to “Why did you buy a camper van? Why would you want one?”

  1. Pete Jones April 10, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    Hello Dinkum, I took delivery of my van on 29th March and so far have done very little to it- I’ve removed the bulkhead and pondered what to do next, and which direction I want to go in. It’s going to be a self-build (slow!) project. I’ve searched and found some nice alloy wheels in 15in diameter, I’ve researched swivel seat bases and found some generic ones that may fit, I need to remove a seat and measure properly before buying. The handbrake and central storage box look like they will be in the way for swiveling. I’m not sure how many windows to fit either… possibly both panels left side and the rear doors for now. I’ve seen some pictures online of the Nissan Evalia, same vehicle and it has hinged side windows which I’d like, though I haven’t found anywhere that sells them yet. One thing I have done is buy an ‘n-tec’ badge and stuck it on, gotta start somewhere 🙂 I’ll keep you posted… Pete

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