Possible change to the caravan?

31 Mar

going cockpit s

A bit premature really, but I am a little bored waiting for project to really start properly.
If we find that the current caravan compliments our longer duration breaks away, we may swap the Freedom Microlite for a Going Cockpit. The latter is just 480kg compared to about 580kg for our Microlite. Both have a maximum weight of 750kg. The main reason is to modernise and update our caravan to better match the nv200 campervan. I am trying to establish if we can fit a shower in the Going , which is something I have managed to do in the Microlite. It’s invaluable on sites with no facilities.
We shall try out the existing caravan with the nv200 and then decide what to do.
We cannot praise the Freedom Microlite enough. It really is a “Tardis”, great fun, functional and economical, especially with the Raclet awning.Great for just two people.
(a bit more on this in the post below)


One Response to “Possible change to the caravan?”

  1. Dinkum April 4, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    Red Lion have sold out all their Going Cockpit stock following the recent NEC show. The next batch , which is due in around April 12th is also sold before it arrives. Arranged to view before they get PDI’d (pre-delivery inspected) and shipped out !

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