Delivery of the base vehicle is imminent.

31 Mar

nv200 towbar

The “13” registration van is due anytime now. It is then being fitted out with a towbar and electrics so that we can pull our little caravan around. Nissan cab mats are also being fitted. These were recommended by “Daz” and apparently fit very well, totally protecting the cab floor. Once registered we have to transfer our personal plate to the van ( I cannot be bothered to try to do this at registration). The full metal bulkhead has to be removed and then it’s ready to go to the converters. Hopefully the snow drifts are dwindling as I believe the area was badly hit. Will sell the bulkhead, if possible on ebay.Not immediately fitting the alloys as it’s probably better to leave the steel rims on for the duration of the work. The front plastic bumper panel is being sprayed body colour, so just removing any danger of overspray on the alloys. I know it should not happen but one never knows.
There is been some developement on the caravan front. We are in the very early stages of swapping to another little caravan from “Going” as it is much more modern, lighter still (!) than the Microlite LE and looks the part. Lunar are shortly releasing a matching camping trailer for their Vacanza, so it’s not a unique idea to increase space for longer spells away, by any means.Awaiting info from “Going” caravans. I emailed some bizarre queries to them and they probably think that I’m a nutter. More about this later.

2 Responses to “Delivery of the base vehicle is imminent.”

  1. daz vickers April 2, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

    Can not wait to see the finnish and durrability of the sprayed front bumper, have thought about colour coding mine but have not dared.. Daz

    • Dinkum April 2, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

      see this on you tube. It’s all in the cleaning you can get plastic paint in aerosols from Halfords if you feel brave or ask your bros to get his spraygun out !

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