Comparing dimensions of popular VW camper with the planned “Dinkum” nv200

16 Mar

nissan nv200 dimensionsbel ami VWNV200 compared to some established Models

Width Internally

· The nv200 before conversion is 97mm narrower inside than a pre-converted VW T4
(1500mm vs 1597mm)

Internal Height.

· The VW T4 has 86mm extra head room compared to the nv200 pre-conversion
(1396mm vs 1310mm)

VW T5 LWB Reimo Bel Ami vs planned “Dinkum” nv200

· The VW bed is just 12mm wider at 1210mm vs 1118mm
· The VW bed is 147mm longer at 1920mm vs 1773mm (Note: it may be possible to make the nv200 bed longer by 100mm or so, perhaps more)
· Cupboard units on the VW are 420mm wide compared to 400mm on the nv200.
· The VW cupboards are 2225mm long overall. This compares to about 1780mm on the nv200 ( 445mm shorter)
· On the VW Bel Ami there is about 600mm between the front of the bed and the cab seats. On the nv200 this may be about 500mm less.
· The VW “boot” is about 1000mm deep compared to 500mm on the “Dinkum” nv200. (Note: may be able to increase this considerably at build stage.

(Remember that we are comparing one LWB VW conversion with the planned “Dinkum” nv200.)
Small differences in dimensions on a small vehicle to start with can make big impact on usability for some people.
The raising roof,covers the entire habitation area and makes both VW and Nissan versions considerably more usable.


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