Initial Sketch of basic layout

14 Mar

nv200 initial plan sketchWe have left a copy of the sketch, which is to scale, with the converters.Their copy ,however, also shows , to scale, the gas bottle, water bottles, leisure battery and propex style heater in the positions we would like.
Side cupboard fitment, VW style to offside.
Gas bottle and water bottles under the Smev hob/sink with access from the offside sliding door.
Leisure battery in front of the offside rear wheel arch also under the Smev cupboard, again accessed from the sliding door of van.
We have viewed and driven a “Lightcliffe” conversion with this layout and it worked well.
All auxiliary fitments WILL fit in the places we chose originally.
Initial discussions, indicated that they prefer the gas bottle to be in the rear offside corner and the propex heater to be accessible under the bed. I am not sure that the wheelarch intrusion will allow this , but , if it will fit there, that’s OK. Again, they are the experienced fitters and we would probably go along with the heater under the bed for almost direct heating into the habitation area and cab. They did not want to consider underfloor fitting of the heater due to road dirt and past experience.
The cupboards are around 400mm wide and so around the Smev hob/sink , the cupboard will widen slightly, allowing for the bed to pass under the slight “lip” and allow for LED downlighting to the cupboard doors.
The bed is almost a standard width compared to a 3/4 VW bed/seat.The converters recommended a VW style wardrobe in the offside rear corner. The wood veneer, they showed us in a Renault camper was “Light Alder”. Gorgeous!
The converters were switched on to allowing for space to swivel the driver’s seat and used the gap to store a matching table and leg for use inside/outside the van. All details , still to be agreed. We saw 4 or 5 campers in their workshops and all had lovely, good quality features.CLICK ON PICTURE FOR BIGGER IMAGE. Apologies for poor quality.


4 Responses to “Initial Sketch of basic layout”

  1. daz vickers March 14, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    Sounds very interesting can not wait to see the end product, all i know is the base van is really good on fuel,handeling, Driving satisfaction. You will have a fantastic piece of kit if you get the conversion Right… Daz

  2. Steve March 15, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your plan.

    Will you be insulating as well? I used celotex on the side panels on my last conversion topped with plyboard, which worked very well, but tried space blanket (silver foil backed loft insulation) on the roof / with thin plyboard underneath…. over time the space blanket ended up getting damp & smelly.

    I know a lot of converters have been using sheeps wool insulation but I reckon this could help trap moisture in and result in rusting the vehicle from the inside out.

  3. daz vickers March 15, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    You may not be aware that you cav buy a simple bubble wrap type of insulation which comes on a roll , the bubbles are silver foiled on both sides and it claims to offer the same insulation value as 75mm of polystyrene ,i would include this product along with something else.It weighs nothing ,3/4mm thick. Get it from B and Q for about £ 25 for 8 sq mts..Daz

    • Steve March 15, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

      I used some of the silver bubble foil around the floor joists of our Victorian house (under the floorboards)’ works very well at stopping draughts but I don’t believe the insulation figures the manufacturers quote. I used Rockwool flexible batts with it as well, but I wouldn’t use Rockwoo batts l in a camper conversion in case of condensation buildup.

      You are right Daz…. used alongside something else the silver foil bubble insulation is definitely worth considering.

      I got mine from Screwfix, it’s called airtec:

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