Got to buy the Gaslow cylinder kit shortly.

13 Mar

Autogas logoIn order for the converter to kit out the gas cylinder storage and location, I need to provide a 6kg gaslow refillable bottle for delivery with the van when it goes in for conversion.
From past experience with my last motorhome, I do not think a twin bottle system is necessary. twin bottles are used to help prevent running out of gas. But, with a level gauge fitted to the bottle , it does give a guide to when you are running low. I think that the red sector warns of only 18% or less gas level. With regular checking when topping up the diesel, it is so easy to top up with Autogas at the same time , one 6kg bottle will do the job.Two bottles weigh quite a bit. A single bottle system comes at a sizeable £200 plus for bottle, filler and hoses. Top up gas is a lot cheaper than , say, an exchange Calor but the big advantage is you can top up whilst out and about and it takes the hassle out of buying gas, especially when abroad. A French autogas filler adaptor is about another £18 or so. Not a cheap job. (I wish I had kept my gaslow system when I sold my last motorhome…… still, at least it will be all new)
I will need to know hose length for the filler line to the filler cap which will be mounted in the van side or at the rear plus the hose length from the cylinder to the pressure regulator, so I can obtain the correct hoses. May also need a right angled adaptor (another £18 ? ) for alignment at the filler cap.
Once done, the bottle has a 15 year life and it is very convenient in practice. Never had any problems finding Autogas.


3 Responses to “Got to buy the Gaslow cylinder kit shortly.”

  1. Steve March 13, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    Agree that 2 bottles is overkill, and also wastes precious space. Where will you be locating the bottle? I’ve used a 4.5kg calor bottle in the past and it lasted the entire time I had my camper! Although that was just for cooking, and boiling water for a wash.

  2. daz vickers March 13, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    Totally agree with Steve , Had a carravan four 5 years and only used 2/ 4.5kg bottles [cooking and boiling water only] Daz

    • Dinkum March 14, 2013 at 8:49 am #

      Yes, agree for cooking only, you don’t use much gas.But we are retired and will use the van day to day , all year round and so we will have the blown air heating on a lot. It’s up to 2 kw and from past experience we will be in the van for long periods almost every day. I used to buy the gas in £6 (2010 prices) every few weeks.Refillable gas will probably not pay back for just the odd meal out or the odd kettle.We will certainly use more gas in this new van due to more free time.Not looking for a return on the cost. It’s about convenience for us.In direct contrast, we have only changed one 4.5kg bottle on our (cooking only) ‘lil caravan in 2 years.It has 2 bottles so not such a hassle.

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