Electric powered Camper Van

7 Dec

Regular contributor Martin, sent a link to this Nissan e-NV200 camper van. Thanks Martin. These examples look rather different with their “wrapped” lower colour treatment. I like these. Caledonian Campers also have an all electric version

The Caledonian version.

If you enjoy shorter touring , day by day between sites and EHU points one of these could provide an economical and quiet solution. I just cannot call these vehicles Zero-Emission if you charge from the grid. I would love to hear first hand experiences of electric camper vans in use. What are your experiences?



11 Nov

The view of the Cenotaph from our previous home.

I think it was in the 1980s on Armistice Day, I was early morning painting some upstairs windows. I was standing on the roof of the old sun-lounge facing the Cenotaph which was on the opposite side of our house. Time overtook me and I missed getting smartened up to visit the Remembrance ceremony across the main road. Suddenly a Spitfire shreaked over our rooftop, almost dislodging me from my workplace. It had buzzed the Remembrance Day ceremony and I had been caught out. Disrespectful. I never missed it again. You can “feel” a Merlin engine when it gets within kill zone.

NV200 Forum now Live on Facebook

13 Oct
Are you a loyal long term follower?

You may remember me writing about setting up a forum for all things NV200. A place where fellow NV200 owners share information , show off their vans, custom modifications and camper van conversions. Well, a friend of mine, Thomas, has set up a forum on FACEBOOK and kindly added me as an Admin. Why not come along, have  a look and have your say? Please we need members for our Facebook Group. All are welcome!

find the Group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/317642618991373/

or search for nv200  owners club on Facebook.

What have you done or plan to do with your “Blank Canvas”?


An Indian Summer day Trip

11 Oct
Maenan Abbey Hotel , Aberconwy
Around 50 years ago, yes fifty ! My young friends and I wished to emulate the more mature lads at school who were members of cycling clubs. They boasted of 100 mile round trips in a day on their lightweight, 10 speed racers. So, we got together on a dry, warm and sunny day and rode the 50 miles or so from Stoke-on-Trent to Llangollen. This week, on Tuesday, I re-ran that trip and more in the Kampa. I actually went to see one of my surviving friends from that cycle trip, now acting as a carer for his delightful wife in Llandudno.
This wasn’t us but it is of the period.
When we got to Llangollen, this particular friend declared that his rear wheel was buckled and his rear brake was coming on at each revolution. We had few tools and he had to endure the ride home fighting against the extra resistance. He was exhausted when we got home.
Llanrwst on the A470
This time was far more relaxing. I was alone as my wife had a cold virus which we did not want to pass onto my mate’s wife. I set off early and the light traffic, beautiful weather and blue skies made for a dream journey. I pulled up a couple of times to use the onboard facilities and for a light lunch just north of Llangollen. At Betwys Y Coed , I took the A470 through the delightful market town of Llanrwst. When I got to my mate’s , over a tasty Latte, he gave a gift of his late father’s Air Crew Association tie pin. A massive honour for me, priceless in fact. I had massive respect for his dad, who was a Navigator on Lancaster Bombers in WW II. He flew many, many missions, defying all the odds and surviving. What a superb gift for me to treasure !!! I was deeply moved.

Something Different.

23 Sep
Retro styling done well ? I love it !

Are you an NV200 owner?

19 Sep
NV200 owners’ club, Facebook.

If you are an NV200 owner or perhaps just interested in these fabulous compact, economical vans why not visit Facebook and peruse the newly formed NV200 Owners’ Group? It’s not just about campervans but covers everything NV200. That’s the current profile picture above.

Another trip to London and Sussex.

19 Sep
Ouse valley Viaduct. Balcombe, Sussex.

The drive down to London was in full sun. Dry with blue skies. Absolutely lovely. I had topped up with SHELL’s premium diesel and you can definitely feel the benefit in response from the engine. That extra little surge of smooth assistance.

The Nissan nv200 Factory Barcelona.

You could have been driving across France  to the Spanish nv200 factory. Now, what a pleasant trip that could be. Return to the point of manufacture in your van or in my case, our campervan. The factory represents some £100, 000,0000 in investment including the e-NV200 manufacture. After 5 years of owning ours, I think they did quite a good job in production.

But, I digress. Whilst down in London we shall again be visiting the South Downs to look at properties. This time the focus is on Balcombe village. All for family reasons. Really looking forward to driving down there again. A delightful area of England.