Caledonian Campers, Clydebank. VW Caddy

11 Dec

I just love this VW Caddy conversion from Caledonian Campervans of Clydebank, Glasgow. Sent in by, (you guessed it ! Martin) , it screams Scotland to me, with that rampant Lion and dark , classy, tartan trim. When I think of Glasgow, I think of talented Marine Engineers, a strong work ethic and gritty determination. The strong, dark richness of this lovely campervan emphasises all that for me.

There’s quite a bit of LED style which adds to the atmosphere. The familiarity in many ways with our own “Nevada” eases the way when thinking of a replacement campervan ( dare I even think it????).

Caledonian Campers and Conversions are at 582 Glasgow Road, Clydebank G81 and they have a website well worth a look.    see

(This post is in memory of Murdoch)



Let it Snow……………..

10 Dec

The weather report was actually close to the truth for once (see the post below) and we have indeed had overnight snow. It looks beautiful.

Realised yesterday that I need to refill the Gaslow LPG as it has dropped to the point where it’s not “gassing” enough at very low temperatures to supply the blown air heating. It’s ages since I last topped up but remember this happening previously.

The snow is a bit “wet” and vehicles are dispersing it on the road surface. Not sure if it’s my imagination but the geese on the pool look a little nervous seeing the snow. Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat………..

Got lots of logs in before the snow, last night. The log store was covered over this morning, much to the cat’s delight. Not sure whether or not we can venture out to an antiques fair later? Will watch the coverage and decide later. If not, it’s a traditional Sunday lunch day, methinks…………….. The LPG can await a while longer.

Another fulfilling week in London

9 Dec

With my son in law again in West Coast USA., we are just back from another rewarding , heart warming, week in London with some of our family. A grandaughter , aged nearly 3 years but with conversation of a 12 year old and a gentle giant of a grandson, aged around 10 weeks or so , but the same weight as my weight loss (which is significant !) , we have had a wonderful, tiring , but totally engrossing seven days or so, trying desperately to take the pressure off my dedicated daughter. I can highly recommend spending some family time with your loved ones at any time of the year, not just Christmas. It’s not a dress rehearsal you know……..

Despite closure of the M4 and an accident on the M1 (our alternative route) we made great time coming home before the snow hits tonight. We collected El Pussy Cat a day early to avoid a short but possibly tricky snowy trip to pick him up on Sunday.

He was completely rested. Sleeping under an infra-red lamp when we picked him up. Obviously kept in overnight for over a week, we hope that we continue his diurnal pattern as he became nocturnal when we last away for a week. This manifested as a 2 hourly trip downstairs to allow him in and check that he was not carrying a live rat into Chateau Dinkum. To ignore him  resulted in noisy, and I mean NOISY tapping at the window from the flower box and/or SCRATCHING and door banging. In a quiet village, this can sound like Attila the Hun….. Angry ! We shall see.

Talking of Attila the Hun. We again saw appalling ” driving” , if that is the word for transferring your lounge onto the motorway and behaving as if you are asleep at the wheel. What on Earth has happened to standards? We saw 2 children, less than 12 years old in the back of an “S” reg big Jaguar , without seat belts or booster seats, being driven by a very relaxed Grandpa ( excuse the language but I would call him a dickhead) at 70 mph, changing lanes with no signals etc etc etc. I turn into Attila the Hun. What is wrong with these people? texting at the wheel:

Texting and talking while driving, hands of young man on steering wheel

Oh dear ! Rant over. But yet again, a journey of appallingly bad driving standards. Still, don’t let it marr a beautiful Family week. Walking in the Park. Fairy stories. Watching Sharks from a glass tunnel on YouTube. Pretending to be a Bear whilst cooking Salmon and driving to Sainsburys for forgotten groceries. I cannot wait to take my grandkids away in the Kampa and caravan. It will add yet another dimension to this short life. Enjoy it whilst you can ! LOL

Virtual reality camping

6 Dec

On our travels we have found many model caravans and cars that jog my memories. Some have been picked up for just a few pounds. Others have cost a little more, but they come from the sparce end of supply. Most of the models that I collect are scaled at 1;43 but I have a few which are bigger. This Predom N126 is from Poland and is as close as you can buy to a model Freedom Microlite. Another caravan which we once owned but now have as a virtual reality reminder is the Sprite Musketeer from Tekno. These can be very expensive in good condition. I matched it with a model of our old Audi Coupe GT which took us all as a young family all over France in the mid 1980s.

I have even bought a model of my brother’s TAB, which I know he has fond memories of. We last camped alongside it at Crich in Derbyshire.

Sometimes you can buy a desired model caravan ,cheaper,  as part of a “car” and caravan combo. We got a little tear drop caravan this way. The TAB had already been removed from it’s tow vehicle and was marked up at a slight premium. Motorhomes are somewhat harder to come by. I could not resist this Fiat Ducato based Pilote recently. It’s still en-route from the seller in Italy.

Here it is at the forefront of other models in a series. I think that may have been sold in mainland Europe as part of a magazine type collection, bought monthly. The model has a bike on the back, reminiscent of hundreds of real motorhomes seen each year at the Tour de France. It also reminds me of our old Talbot Excalibur.

Being a complete anorak with unhealthy child like tendencies remaining in big doses, I think that this Pilote, rare in the UK., will look just fine as part of a model Tour de France diorama. I am not able to show a photo of it right now, but will pop one onto the Blog once it’s completed.

Decent models of the NV200., Combi and /or Evalia are difficult to find in the UK. There is a white van version available now and again, sourced in Japan. Chinese versions have far too heavy paintwork which spoils the scale and detail. Would like to re-vamp one into a replica of the Kampa. It’s got to be done at some stage. must dig out all my modelling tools. Sad or fun ? You decide. LOL

Here are one example of a White Evalia and one NV200 van in white.

nissan evalia wht

nissan nv200 fr wht

It would probably be simpler to “convert” the van into a replica Kampa but maybe the Evalia is a better model? Mmmmmmmm……………..

Time for contemplation

5 Dec

It’s that time of year, when you find time to look back over the last year and look forward to the fresh clean sheet of next year’s plans.

2017 was disrupted (in a very pleasant way !) by a 3 week trip to the USA in May. This took a large chunk out of our leisure budget but we still managed some time away in Wales. We visited lots of National Trust and English Heritage properties along with our inevitable Antiques centre days out. The kampa has performed very well despite a large bill to replace a sheared air inlet pipe and a mass air flow sensor (which did not really need replacement). Otherwise, totally reliable and building a huge sense of “trust” in the entire package.

It has been a year of “day vanning” with a few overnight stopovers but crammed with Castles, interesting Welsh and English towns and repeated family visits to London. Next year looks ambitious before we even start !

Having thoroughly enjoyed two trips to Scotland ,previously, including Loch Goyle and Skye , the NC500 is again on the cards. The seaside is also calling with Cornwall and Anglesey high on the wish list. We have not visited our beloved France for far too long and a trip to Lac de Maine , Angers has to be a must. So we have much to budget for and I enjoy the planning so much. Before Christmas, I shall get the timing and auxilliary belts changed in preparation. The rust proofing will have to wait! Now, where’s my pen and planning pad?

An old campervan, caravan and boat Combo

30 Nov

I first saw this classic Mini-based outfit on UKCampsite’s website

It is called a Euxton Caraboot.

The picture above comes from another interesting website about Mini based specials

Basically a 1964 Mini van,  converted to camper van , with a boat on the roof and a concertina caravan , towed hogback style. Everything you need for a country weekend’s leisure.

I find it an interesting solution in a compact package. Imagine a modern day version using a more powerful, economical base vehicle. Modern day materials would allow for lighter (?) build and more durable seals.

Any suggestions for a modern base vehicle?

A Wintery Day’s lunchtime treat.

29 Nov

We drove the campervan the 10 miles to Market Drayton for our weekly shopping trip. We crossed over the weather front at some point, into the much colder, artic blown, conditions heading towards our village.We left the blown air heating on for a toasty welcome, back at the Kampa. It kept the pointsetta comfy for us  too !

We used to have lunch at the Crown some years ago, but moved with the Landlord to his new location around the corner. For several weeks now, we have again returned to The Crown Inn and it’s new Landlord and Landlady for our weekly lunchtime treat. Each week the food provided and the friendly, quick service have remained totally constant and enjoyable in every way.

Two pork roasts with all the trimmings and including a couple of coffees , tea or cappucino, all for less than £10.00p. What more could you ask for? The atmosphere is warm and friendly and your custom feels appreciated.

The Crown Inn apparently survived a significant fire in the 1600s:-

This week has seen a Welsh flavour appear in our lives. We enjoyed dark beers patiently gathered from all corners of Wales for our Thanksgiving in London. A bottle of Welsh, cream liqueur added to the theme and all delivered in a jute bag covered in Welsh slogans, declaring that “Gogledd ddwyrain Cymru, gwych gyda’n gilydd.”  which I think translates as ” North East Wales, Altogether Brilliant.” All this, in honour of our new grandson’s Welsh heritage, which is centred around Wrecsam with links to the redesign and architecture of Erddig Hall, the National Trust property.

The Landlord’s family are proud to be Welsh and advertise the fact behind the well stocked bar. It’s where the warmth comes from ! Highly recommended.

A trip to “Drayton” isn’t complete without seeing our friends at “Allsorts” antiques and curio shop. We always have a laugh together and have found many bargains over the last couple of years.

A simple day out but what better way to spend a couple of hours in winter?